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Continued growth of the mobile web and fundamental shifts in how citizens are interacting with organizations presents big challenges and opportunities for delivering efficient and effective public services.

Many government organizations are turning to agile workflows infused with the collaborative techniques of DevOps.

With continuous improvement happening at such a rapid pace, when do you roll out a change? – And how do you keep stakeholders engaged – whilst also keeping the rest of the business aware of the changes? It’s a hard act to juggle.

Maybe you’re asking questions around whether you have the right people in your agile teams to achieve the set sprint deliverables – on time and on budget? Are the people you do have skilled enough to be truly constructive?

Sound familiar?…

We have the answer.

ClearHub is the only dedicated marketplace for IT contractors with Atlassian skills. We provide proven IT professionals to help plug the gaps between you – and your software development team – removing the pressure from you so you can focus on your role.

In addition…

We’re powered by Clearvision – a trusted Atlassian Premium Solution Partner of over 18 years. We don’t believe that anyone is better placed to understand the complex development resources you need.

Achieving Continuous Improvement

In agile software development, continuous improvement (CI) is something you strive for, yet it often fails to fully happen. – Causing delays to the program schedule – and ultimately impacting your return on investment.

Why is this? With CI happening so quickly, it can be difficult to identify exactly which processes to prioritise your improvement efforts on, let alone deciding when to bring in the right skill-set to compliment and help your existing development team.

For many agile teams, the most powerful solution may be to bring in a short-term Business Analyst, whose sole focus is to transform your goals into results and facilitate your strategy. – Freeing you up to concentrate on the wider plan. 

Reducing Time to Market

When developing new software, you know that it’s important to act fast – If your product launch is delayed by six months, that’s six months for your competitor to grab market share – and less overall revenue for you to pursue when you are finally ready.

Decreased TTM also gives your competition the advantage when it comes to innovation; allowing them to reach your consumers with new product development, services or offers before you do.

Why take the risk?

The better control you have over your product development processes, the better you’ll be able to control and predict your time to market

But, what if you find you need skills that you don’t currently have on your team?

ClearHub provide proven professionals to plug the gaps in your software development team and make sure you have the skills you need.

Transforming Customer Ideas into Deliverables

When it comes to software development, most Product Owners know that whilst customers like the focus agile has on transparency, business value and continuous improvement, they still really want to know the how much it’s going to cost and how long it’ll take. – A level of guarantees that can be very hard to give.

Your product needs to deliver the right functionality, in the shortest amount of time…

But, what if you don’t have the right skills on your development team?

Solve the pain by hiring a professional IT contractor – adding flexibility to your software development team whenever you need it. 

Aligning Your Agile Team

Ever stood in a demonstration where the customer has said “that’s not what I wanted!” – And then stressed about how much time  you’re going to waste fixing it? What about the team who’ve felt their hard work is going to waste?

How do you align your agile team team with customer requirements?

All this can be avoided. – Using ClearHub, you can flex the right people into your agile team – and bring clarity to your customer from the start.