Hire your technical unicorn today.

Unicorn, noun: A rare, mythical animal typically represented as a contractor with ninja-like technical skills.

Vincent Nagy | Senior Software Developer

How much time do you waste looking for the ideal team member?

Most Technical leaders find that the type of consultant they need is a bit of a unicorn

…and waste months spinning their wheels because they never took a quick second to assess what the best approach is.

Your time is valuable.

We’d much rather you spent time focusing on your team and your project.

Working with you and alongside our Atlassian Platinum partners, Clearvision, we rigorously skills-test all of our IT contractors, so you don’t have to. Plus, with smart personality profiling, your new recruit is guaranteed to match your existing team dynamic.


Jira Administrator


DevOps Engineer


Senior Cloud Architect


Application Developer


Agile Solution Architect


Scrum Master

Guaranteed to fit your team

Your your team dynamic is critical to success. That’s why, alongside smart profile personality matching, we also encourage your team to meet your contractor for coffee – whether in-person, or virtual!

Matching Talent

Meet an tech contractor worth hiring

We’re the smartest way to hire Platinum-standard technical contractors.

With over 20 years in building high performing software teams, we know that there is more to a productive team than just technical skill.

We consider your contractors team cultural fit and their work preferences and personality type.

When perfectly matched, both you and your new hire can expect an easier work situation and guaranteed results.

Atlassian Unicorn

fits your
team perfectly

understands your agile Software team

matched on attitude & Culture first

The people and the expertise

With over 20 year’s experience in providing support for agile software teams, no one is better-placed to understand your technical needs.

Free On-site Support

Your contractor will provide daily on-site support for your team. Plus our in-house tech team helps them too with an hour of dedicated technical support every week.

Local Contractors Near You 🦄

Top Locations:


San Antonio








South Africa

Los Angeles


Our Contractors Love Working for ClearHub...
But, why just take our word for it?

I just loved the ease of contracting at ClearHub. They made sure that I met the software team before I started, to ensure that I'd be the perfect cultural fit, too.



The expert way in which ClearHub understands the Atlassian ecosystem made them so much better to work with than other contracting sites. Their insight into what a Jira Admin needs is astonishing!



ClearHub know exactly what they are doing in the market and the requirements to source the right people. I was dealt with in a very professional manner from initial consultation to interview.


What Our Clients Say

European Banking Authority


The contractors were very experienced. They quickly understood our environment and worked hard to achieve what we had requested. And, we managed to get much more out of the on-site support, compared to what we had initially anticipated. – Andrew | Software Manager | European Banking Authority

So, who's Your Unicorn?

Our tame beasts are available now and able to cast their magic with one flick of a horn…

Application Developers

  • Smart personality profiling for the perfect team fit
  • Verified and skills-tested by our partners, Clearvision
  • Hour of free dedicated support each week
Neigh Way!

Jira System Admins

  • Smart personality profiled for the perfect team fit
  • Tested and verified by our industry partners, Clearvision
  • Gets an hour of dedicated support each week
  • ...and more!
Hot to Trot!

Senior Software Developers

  • Smart personality profiling for the perfect team fit
  • Verified and skills-tested by our partners, Clearvision
  • Hour of free dedicated support each week
Hoof it!

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