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Proven Technical BDD Contractors, with On-site Support

Guaranteed results from Platinum Standard BDD freelancers. Trust ClearHub to find you top professional freelancers effectively and easily, for your most important projects.

Looking for an Behaviour Driven Development Contractor?

Do you need a certified BDD developer, Tester or DevOps engineer to complete your team and achieve top project results?

With ClearHub’s extensive global network of top technical contractors, you can guarantee that we can find the BDD contractor that matches your needs!

Zak is a QA Analyst who has hands on experience in development and implementation of BDD test automation framework across projects. He is proficient in Java Swing, JavaFX and Eclipse RCP, and has worked with a number of different automation tools.
Carmen is a Scrum Master with proven experience working in Agile environments and using TDD, BDD, Kanban and Agile techniques. She is dynamic, driven and enthusiastic and has experience leading teams of various sizes.
Mark is an Atlassian expert who has successfully completed many projects in roles as a developer and tester. He is proficient in a number of different agile development tools including Mingle and ScrumNinja and is experienced in TDD and BDD.​

An UNBEATABLE Guarantee: 100% Risk-Free

When your software team needs to kick off a project, deploy some code, measure software security – and more – ClearHub has you covered.

We’re the smartest way to hire top BDD contractors. Meet an Behaviour Driven Development freelancer who really is the right match for your team. Your technical expert knows exactly what to do to fit in seamlessly. And with our pay-as-you go option and dedicated customer care, we’re 100% risk-free, too.

Matching Talent

ClearHub is unique in the way we match our talent and employers.

With years of experience building high performing teams, our specialists know that there is more to a productive team than just technical skill.

When ClearHub matches a contractor into a new team, they consider the cultural fit of the team, work preferences of the contractor and employer and the personality profile of the contractor, as key performance indicators.

In our experience, when a contractor is perfectly matched, both parties can expect an easier work situation and guaranteed results.

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ClearHub 2018 © All rights reserved | Privacy Policy