Atlassian Experts

ClearHub can help you find highly specialised Atlassian and DevOps contractors to help you complete your projects.

Our partnership with Clearvision means that we can offer a complete Atlassian solution to our clients and help you fill those tricky skills gaps that are holding up your projects.

Solution Packages


Ideal if you only need a contractor
and no other support
  • Hand-picked, vetted and technically tested by ClearHub's personnel and tooling experts
  • Personality profile available for all contractors to ensure cultural and team fit
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We’ll replace unsuitable contractors free of charge

+ Support

Giving you a specialist contractor and Platinum Atlassian support
  • Same great benefits: Platinum contractor, fully vetted with the ClearHub guarantee
  • Technically supported by Platinum Atlassian Solution partners, Clearvision
  • Perfect for organisations with a critical dependence on the Atlassian stack


Fully Managed

For when you need to completely outsource an entire project
  • Fully managed service with a tailored team of project managers, consultants and contractors
  • Combination of Clearvision’s professional services team and ClearHub contractors
  • Ideal if recruitment red tape is limiting project options

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Technical Testing

We put all our contractors through bespoke technical testing to make sure they're up to the job.

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100% Guarantee

We offer a risk free guarantee that means we can replace your contractor free of charge if something doesn't work out.

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