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How can ClearHub help you?

Do you need help finding Atlassian IT consultants and contractors that are reliable, available and have the skills you need? With ClearHub, you can be matched with a verified expert who meets the specific requirements for your project.

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Tried & Tested contractors

ClearHub makes finding the top freelance IT consultants for your Atlassian projects easy. Get matched with skilled contractors, verified by Clearvision.

Built-in Support

Every contractor gets one hour per week of tech support from the ClearHub Service Desk, hosted by Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, Clearvision.

Long Term Solutions

Whether you extend your contract, or expect to need different experts further down the line, ClearHub supports you through your journey with us.

Account Management & Support

Your account manager will be on hand to provide support and help you deal with any problems that might arise while your working with your contractor.

powered by clearvision

powered by clearvision


Clearvision was one of the first global software vendors to recognise the value of Atlassian, and as such have unrivalled experience helping their clients migrate to the tools and integrate them successfully with the rest of their toolsuite. Clearvision are proud of the speed of their consultants’ projects, but sometimes a job can take weeks or months, and requires a longer term engagement. This is where ClearHub comes in…

With ClearHub, not only is finding proven Atlassian IT consultants easier, but should they want advice and support on the best way to proceed with something outside of their expertise, they will have the training and support of the Clearvision team to make sure they get the job done according to best known practice.

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