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Megan is an agile design contractor with core skills in combining digital strategy, UX and design. She focuses on bringing human centred design into organisations through their systems, and predominantly works on the Atlassian tool stack.
Eloise is a software developer with over 8 years of experience.She has already gained expertise in Bamboo, HTML, JavaScript, Java, SQL, Spring and Web sphere. Her main focus is on the media and entertainment sector, where she has already completed a number of projects.
Alan has been a DevOps Engineer for the past 3 years, and a software developer for 17 years before that. His portfolio includes knowledge of tools including ANT, ASP.NET, Tomcat, Puppet, Java, Jenkins, Sphere, Git, C, C# and many more.

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Matching Talent

ClearHub is unique in the way we match our talent and employers.

With years of experience building high performing teams, our specialists know that there is more to a productive team than just technical skill.

When ClearHub matches a contractor into a new team, they consider the cultural fit of the team, work preferences of the contractor and employer and the personality profile of the contractor, as key performance indicators.

In our experience, when a contractor is perfectly matched, both parties can expect an easier work situation and guaranteed results.

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