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Software Development

ClearHub aim to help software development teams achieve their goals and work more efficiently, by providing skilled and verified Atlassian contractors.

The possibilities of what our contractors can do are endless, but whatever project you are starting or issue you are trying to resolve, we believe the right contractor can help you get there.

Since 2005 Clearvision have applied their expertise to support hundreds of leading organisations manage transformation in their IT and apply agile methodology across their teams.

As Atlassian platinum partners, Clearvision has expert knowledge of the whole Atlassian tool stack as well as the entire software development life cycle.

Clearvision provide a 24/7 service desk for all our contractors, so you can feel safe in the knowledge they have the technical support they need.

As the world’s largest network of Atlassian-skilled contractors, ClearHub are trusted by some of the leading industry organisations to provide the contractors they need. Companies such as Fox, who have been working with ClearHub for roughly 7 months, have found a huge amount of benefit in the added support that ClearHub provides.

Increase Autonomy

As more elements come under the umbrella of software development and teams are getting busier and busier, many are looking for a way to take more control of the tools they use without spending huge amounts of time on maintenance.

This is leading to more teams choosing to switch to cloud based services.

A contractor with specific skills around software development in the cloud, such as a Cloud architector and AWS engineer, can help you migrate to the cloud and ensure that all your systems are set up correctly.

They can also provide training to the rest of the team around how to work in the cloud and what they need to do to maintain any systems in the cloud.

Refine Processes

Some teams may think that once they have got a system such as agile development working, there is nothing more that needs to be done. However it is important to constantly monitor and optimise sections of your process.

Delivery Speed

Delivery speed has typically been measured using factors like lead time and cycle time, as this can help teams increase the speed of specific sections of the software development life cycle. However once you have an effective delivery process in place, it is important to measure factors like flow time so that you can quantify the time from initial customer request through to completion.

ClearHub Solution

ClearHub can help you find an implementation manager or an integration expert with the right experience to help you track your software development life cycle and make sure the processes you have in place are the most effective for your team.

The right tools

Another area that needs constant refinement is the tools you use. Advances in software mean that the best-of-breed tool will change regularly, and the integration opportunities between tools will change too. Monitoring new and existing tools will help to ensure that the tools you are using are the best fit for your team.

Improve Communication

Communication is to make sure all stages of the SDLC tie together and projects run smoothly. It also helps your teams understand priorities and adapt quickly to new issues or requirements as they arise, allowing for agile delivery.

Methods such as daily stand ups can enable this level of communication. However for teams without experience of working under agile principles, it can be easy for these meeting to be used in the wrong way and for important messages to be lost in conversation.

A scrum master can implement agile processes into your team, or where these process already exist, refine and correct them to improve efficiency throughout your team. Contractors can use their time at your company to get agile processes running smoothly and also to train your existing team so that they can continue to benefit from agile principles in the future.


Hire and retain employees

Being such a fast growing industry, it has become more and more difficult to find employees with the specific skills needed in software development. It has also become harder to hold onto employees due to the high competition for their skills.

ClearHub can help you find professionals with the exact skills you need and arrange fixed length contracts, to accommodate needs that may change in the future. ClearHub will help you extend contracts in situations where you may decide to keep your contractor on, and will also provide support to the contractor throughout their time with you, which often makes contractors feel more secure and happier in their role.

Improve adoption

It is part of human nature to be resistant to change, and this can often cause a big challenge in software development, where the aim is to constantly introduce change to their users. Therefore it is important that products strike a balance between being different enough to be worth paying more money for, but not so different that users will not buy into them.

The principles of agile methodology can help to tackle this as continuous deployment provides development teams with continuous feedback to the changes they are making, and gives them the opportunity to respond to the responses.

Introducing an agile coach to your team can help you to see the true benefits of agile development quickly, as they will be able to train your developers to respond to customer feedback and release updates incrementally.

Implement lean and standardised coding guidelines

When it comes to writing software, over complicating things can be a fatal error. It can make it difficult for colleagues to understand and review code, and should anything need to be changed in the future can add huge amounts of extra work.

When managing a software development team, it is important to make sure all your developers are on the same page when it comes to the style in which they write code. Having clear company guidelines will ensure that all code is written in the simplest way possible and all members of the team will be able to understand each other’s work.


Implementing a solution such as BDD to give your team a clear set of guidelines when it comes to writing code can save huge amounts of time and stress. Bringing in a contractor with experience using BDD, such as a tester or a DevOps engineer, can give your team time to learn and adapt to writing code in this style, and give you the security that it will be done properly and in the best way to optimise your team’s efficiency.

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