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Media and Entertainment

Like with so many industries, Digital transformation has transformed the landscape of the media and entertainment industries in recent years. Embracing these changes can lead to huge benefits for your business, however they also come with new risks. At ClearHub, we want to provide our clients with new ways to embrace digital transformation without taking on the risks.

We’ve taken the concept of a gig economy, and removed as much of the risk as possible for our clients, by verifying all our contractors and providing built-in support from Clearvision, an Atlassian Platinum partner. We connect clients with skilled contractors who can help them advance into new areas of growth, with specialised skills, industry wide experience and the added benefit of 20+ years of technical experience from Clearvision.

Already got a project in mind? Get in touch and tell us what it is you need help on. 

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As the world’s largest network of Atlassian-skilled contractors, ClearHub are trusted by some of the leading industry organisations to provide the contractors they need. Companies such as Fox, who have been working with ClearHub for roughly 7 months, have found a huge amount of benefit in the added support that ClearHub provides.

Keep up with industry trends

In the entertainment and media industry digital disruption has drastically changed the way content is selected, created and distributed. 

For companies to stay ahead of these changes they need to understand current entertainment industry trends as well as media audience trends. Trying to interpret these trends can quickly become overwhelming, particularly when trying to fit it in alongside running a team. 


For many teams, the solution may be bringing in a short term business analyst, whose sole focus and expertise is in identifying these trends and putting together business plans which help you capitalise on the impending changes.  


By choosing to bring in a contractor business analyst rather than a permanent employee you will benefit from their wide experience across many companies, up to date knowledge of the industry and uninfluenced approach to what your company needs, which is unaffected by personal relationships or history with the company.

Considering Augmented or Virtual reality

AR and VR have stirred up huge interest in the entertainment industry over the last few years. Both augmented reality and virtual reality projects require a huge amount of technical skill to pull of, and very often the thought of employing the right people to bring this knowledge into your team can become a big enough challenge on its own. 

ClearHub can help you find contractors with verified skills in the areas you need. Whether your missing frontend developers to make your software look great, or security engineers to protect your consumers, ClearHub can connect you to the people you need.

Developing new Content Strategies

Alongside many other changes in the entertainment industry, content has become something many companies have had to put a lot of thought into. Digital publishers have had to consider new content monetization strategies, digital content channel development and new content distribution strategies.  

New ways of monetising content, for example implementing a metered paywall, involve a lot more development to get set up than previous methods. Like so many of the other changes, this may require skills that do not already exist in your team. 

In many cases it may simply be a case of getting someone in to do the initial set up and pass on enough information to keep the system maintained. ClearHub offers a cost effective and efficient way to do this, by helping you find contractors quickly and set up fixed term contracts that suit you.


Embracing Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment

IAmazon allegedly deploys new code every 11.7 seconds. Although this may seem extreme, more and more companies are moving towards continuous integration and deployment. It can reduce errors in production as continuous testing will catch any errors, and allows you to receive and implement consumer feedback more quickly. 

ClearHub can connect you with agile coaches and DevOps engineers who are experienced in managing and supporting the move to continuous integration. They can help your team transition to continuous integration and deployment smoothly and effectively, saving you time and effort trying to implement a new strategy without the experience.

Automating Deployment

Without automated deployment, continuous deployment is impossible. While your team may have the support it needs to move to continuous CI/CD, without the correct tools and knowledge it becomes impossible.

Find Bamboo specialists and automation testers with ClearHub, safe in the knowledge that all our contractors have been verified by Atlassian platinum partners, Clearvision.

Using Design Patterns

Design patterns can provide adaptable, reusable solutions to design problems that can help your developers solve issues faster, using proven solutions. However for a team that has never used design patterns before or has limited experience using them, introducing them can be complicated. 

Knowing first when to use design patterns, and then which patterns to use requires both a strong understanding of the patterns themselves and also real world applications of the patterns. Introducing a contractor into your team who has this level of knowledge and can help implement the use of design patterns can be extremely beneficial, as it will give your team the chance to get used to using design patterns with support and allow them to develop their own experience and expertise of using them. It will also reduce the chance of patterns being used in the wrong way or not adapted properly to the specific application.

Save time with the World’s only technical contractor network of proven software experts, with on-site support.

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