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Jira and Confluence Specialist

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  • Atlassian Stack: Jira and Confluence
  • RT
  • NetSuite
  • Incident management
  • Ticket management
  • Project management
  • Process management
  • Trouble-shooting / problem determination
  • Account management
  • Business Analysis


  • Windows 95/98/2K/XP/VISTA/7/8/Server 2003
  • Linux/FreeBSD (GUI & CLIenvironments)
  • Jira administration and automation
  • Atlassian stack administration
  • MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • SOAP / XML
  • PSP integration
  • Drupal and Javascript
  • Networking and LAMP
The on-boarding experience

Describe your on-boarding experience with ClearHub?

“Painless. There are a few documents to sign. Initially printouts and scans were needed but during the process it turned out that DocuSign had been implemented, and that made things very quick and easy. The timesheeting is online in Google docs and is easy to use.”

What support has ClearHub offered following the on-boarding process?

“Regular contact to ask how things are going. Good, clear and concise discussions around the contract and things in general”.

In your opinion, what makes ClearHub different?

“It’s less ‘fire and forget.’ In the normal course of engaging with a client I’d sign the forms, send in my timesheets and other than that we’d barely communicate until it was time to part ways.”

Would you recommend ClearHub to a Contractor or friend, and if so what would you say?

“I already have on the merit that they are persistent in trying to find you a contract without ever being pushy about it. As a result I’ve had many pleasant conversations with ClearHub agents.”

Likewise, would you recommend ClearHub to clients, and if so what would you say?

“I already have. Mostly on the same basis of why I recommend them to other contractors.”

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A case study

Could you please give an overview of the problem / project you were contracted to solve?

“The client is divesting from a large technology company and has a deadline to have all of their services within their own domain by October. This involves migrating several other platforms into JIRA and Confluence as well as migrating existing instances of JIRA and Confluence and individual spaces and projects. I came in to assist the existing SME with this project, the goal being for me to take over the tactical aspects of the transition leaving the existing SME free to manage the strategic aspects of the transition.”

Could you please provide a similar overview of the solution(s) you provided them with?

“I started by documenting their existing systems and highlighting areas where best practices could be applied. Over time I’m taking over the administration of support of the clients Atlassian applications and assisting in the migration of other tools. In addition I’m designing and providing a support process for the tooling and in time will be training up permanent support staff to support the applications long-term. I’m also designing and implementing monitoring solutions to aid in support of the tools.”

What can they do now that they weren’t able to do before you started?

“Prior to my arrival, the group I am working with had no Atlassian expertise on hand and were wholly reliant on an SME borrowed from another group in the business. They now have in-group expertise and increased capacity to plan and respond leaving the existing SME free to focus on their core work.

I’ve brought in some best-practice concepts they were not previously aware of and am pushing for a robust support and administration process which will scale with the needs of the business.”

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