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ClearHub is an IT contractor network that can help match BDD and testing expertswith clients looking for your exact skills.

Our comprehensive profiling system will help to elevate you above the competition and create new opportunities with some industry leading clients.

But that’s not all!

ClearHub offers all of its contractors 24/7 support for the duration of any of their arranged contracts, giving you peace of mind that you’ll be able to get best practise advice and technical support on any issue.

Simply register with ClearHub and we will be in touch to verify your skills and enter you into our database, ready to be matched to your perfect client!

ClearHub is powered by Clearvision, an innovative software services company with over 20 years experience in the technology industry.

As Atlassian platinum partners, Clearvision has expert knowledge of the whole Atlassian tool stack as well as BDD and testing solutions, working with comapnies such as Hindsight and QASymphony.

Should you come across any technical issues while working on your contract Clearvision are on hand to help you work through them and always deliver for your clients.

The Value of BDD

There are still a lot of misconceptions and misunderstanding around what BDD is, and therefore some organisations may not be able to see the value, or think that their current approach will be more beneficial.

As a contractor, it can be difficult to find positions where your knowledge in areas such as BDD will be fully appreciated, and some contractors may end up relying more heavily on some of their other skills to win contracts.

At ClearHub, we appreciate the value of your knowledge.

Clearvision has its own testing specialist and a partnership with BDD focused company Hindsight, who developed Behave Pro for Jira, a plugin that helps teams use BDD.

We can help you find contracts that are a true match for your skills, so that your expertise can truly help you stand out from the competition.

Manage your work

Contracting can quickly become more about managing yourself as a business than getting on with development.

It incorporates a lot of areas that you might find less enjoyable and more time consuming than you’d hoped, such as marketing yourself and managing your finances.

ClearHub tries to reduce this pressure.

When you sign up with ClearHub, you will be automatically reviewed for any new jobswe have where you may be a match. There’s no additional application, no checking a job board everyday, just wait for new opportunities to come to you.

We also try and reduce as much of the administrative work as possible, managing your paycheck so you don’t spend hours chasing clients and ensuring you have a comprehensive contract, to give you the best security we can.

Keep up with technology

In an industry where things are constantly changing, it is important for software developers to remain at the cutting edge of new technology.

However with so much complexity in software development, it’s impossible to have the correct answers to every issue you may come across.


Clearvisions 24/7 service desk can act as a knowledge buffer when you come across an unfamiliar problem.

You can get technical support and advice on any issues you aren’t sure about, to help you find the best solution for your client as quickly as possible.

Leverage your visibility

Using ClearHub will allow you to leverage your visibility amongst our high quality clients for great work opportunities that would otherwise be difficult to find.


ClearHub takes care of the admin,including setting up the contract agreement and managing payments, leaving you free to get on with the work you enjoy.


As well as managing any financial transactions between you and your client, ClearHub will also work to get the very best day rate for you.