Technical Support

We offer any contractors working with ClearHub technical support, to make sure they can always tackle your biggest challenges.


With Clearvision’s technical experience, we understand the types of challenges our contractors might face on site.

We understand that hiring any contractor comes with a degree of risk for the client, especially in highly technical roles.

And we also understand that in order to provide a truly outstanding service, we had to equip our contractors with the tools to overcome any obstacle.

What do we offer?

Contractor Packages

For every contractor and client we work with, we aim to create the best solution for them. We offer 3 out of the box solutions which range from simply placing a contractor with no back-up support, to a completely managed service. We also offer a bespoke solution, which allows you to customise how much testing, support and interaction we will provide.

How does it work?

The hours allocated are only availbale for the contractor hired through ClearHub to use, and can’t be used by other members of the team. As an employer, you can arrange this with your contractor however you wish, either letting them have free reign of  how they use the time, having them clear it with you first, or only using the hours at your request.

Hours and extended support

Our standard support offering includes 4 hours a month of technical support through a service desk which is hosted by some of the most skilled Atlassian experts around, the Clearvision consultants team.

If you feel that you’ll need more than 4 hours or you’ve used up your monthly allocation, we can arrange a package with the amount of support that suits you.

Is this seperate from project management?

Yes, ClearHub offers both a project manager and access to the support desk. If you’re ever unsure about whether your issue is suitable for the service desk, you can check in with your project manager first.

Your project manager can also help you solve any non technical issues, such as problems with onboarding, or with other team members.

What can we help with

Our contractors are experts in the Atlassian stack and will be able to help you on  any of the Atlassian tools. They also have a multitude of skills in other areas, such as Agile, Git, and DevOps.

What if you want the support, but already have a contractor?

If you already have a contractor lined up who you want to work with (or are a contractor with a new contract lined up), but would like the added security of the ClearHub support, we can help you arrnage a bespoke solution.

Reduce your costs


Ideal if you only need a contractor
and no other support
  • Hand-picked, vetted and technically tested by ClearHub's personnel and tooling experts
  • Personality profile available for all contractors to ensure cultural and team fit
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We’ll replace unsuitable contractors free of charge

+ Support

Giving you a specialist contractor and Platinum Atlassian support
  • Same great benefits: Platinum contractor, fully vetted with the ClearHub guarantee
  • Technically supported by Platinum Atlassian Solution partners, Clearvision
  • Perfect for organisations with a critical dependence on the Atlassian stack


Fully Managed

For when you need to completely outsource an entire project
  • Fully managed service with a tailored team of project managers, consultants and contractors
  • Combination of Clearvision’s professional services team and ClearHub contractors
  • Ideal if recruitment red tape is limiting project options