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Choosing The Right Atlassian Tools For Project Management

For companies seeking to streamline project management through enterprise-grade collaboration tools, Atlassian offers a robust suite like no other. Atlassian project management solutions are designed to increase visibility, automate processes, and enhance team productivity, making them a worthwhile investment for organisations looking to make their workflows more efficient.

However, with several tools under the Atlassian umbrella – Jira, Confluence, Trello, Crucible, FishEye and more – choosing the right one(s) for your unique project management needs can be challenging. Furthermore, simply deploying these tools isn’t enough; to get the most out of them, you invariably need the help of skilled personnel who understand how to leverage one or more to help your organisation achieve its goals.

This guide introduces a few of the key Atlassian project management tools and their ideal use cases. More importantly, it illustrates why sourcing skilled Atlassian contractors, consultants, engineers and other talent through a specialist recruitment partner like ClearHub is key to helping you unlock true long-term value.

Jira – Driving Agile Project Delivery 

Jira is widely renowned as the go-to tool for accelerating agile software development that adopts Agile approaches. Jira has evolved into an all-inclusive comprehensive work management solution that helps companies streamline workflows and improve productivity, while tracking bugs and issues.

Its simple, intuitive user interface boasts an array of powerful features ideal for project managers requiring customisation and flexibility:

      • Comprehensive visibility into project progress via Scrum boards, roadmaps, reports, and customisable and configurable dashboards
      • Native support for agile frameworks like Kanban through templated workflows
      • Next-gen capabilities like automating manual processes and managing incidents using no-code rules
      • Integration with Bitbucket, the Atlassian Git-based code and CI/CD optimisation too

While originally tailored for software development teams, Jira’s flexibility makes it suitable for numerous business departments for consistent, transparent project execution and resource management. That said, properly implementing Jira to drive expected business results requires skilled Jira developers, consultants, and trainers who are well-versed in areas like:

      • Developing and streamlining workflows through carefully configured whiteboards that provide complete visibility
      • Empowering software and IT teams to manage incidents and provide ongoing maintenance
      • Leveraging Jira’s integration capabilities to create centralised toolchains for software delivery
      • Training your teams on the best ways to use and learn Jira for project management

Confluence – Next-Level Knowledge Sharing 

An often overlooked but crucial ingredient in successful project delivery is transparent communication and knowledge sharing. Atlassian’s wiki collaboration platform Confluence empowers teams to organise and share files, ideas, documents, and project plans, and exchange information.

While Confluence excels as a dynamic wiki and knowledge hub, it truly shines when coupled with complementary Atlassian tools like Jira and Bitbucket. When deployed and utilised correctly, teams can create interconnected, self-documenting workflows where project audit trails become more visible. Benefits include (but are not limited to):

      • Seamless integration of Confluence pages, blogs, and spaces into Jira issue management
      • In-context collaboration via in-line comments, mentions and visual editing
      • Robust content management through categories, labels, and tags
      • Easy incorporation of wireframes, requirements, diagrams, and multimedia into central team spaces

However, achieving maximum value out of Confluence often requires guidance around template and blueprint design, content modelling, and training teams on best practices. Finding the right Confluence expert can be tricky, whether you’re looking for a migration expert to deploy Confluence as your go-to management system or you need a Confluence developer to refine your incumbent setup. This is where hiring an experienced Confluence contractor can help you achieve your short- and long-term goals with this powerful tool.

Hire Atlassian, Jira and Confluence Contractors to Give You Maximum Value

While the Atlassian suite provides exceptional project delivery capabilities, there can be a steep learning curve when it comes to proper implementation and adoption. 

Without relevant expertise, teams run the risk of:

      • Underutilising the tools’ full process automation capabilities
      • Improperly integrating disparate Atlassian solutions into cohesive toolchains
      • Developing gaps in governance or content modelling
      • Failing to establish scalable operating models that can be adapted as needs evolve
      • Low user engagement, productivity dips, and inability to achieve expected ROI

This is where the value of trusted, niche Atlassian talent providers like ClearHub proves invaluable. As an accredited Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner and dedicated Atlassian recruitment agency with over 2 decades of experience, ClearHub has access to a broad talent pool of pre-vetted, enterprise-grade consultants all over the world.

Whether you need certified Jira administrators to deploy and optimise custom CI/CD pipelines for DevOps teams, Confluence training managers to coach on knowledge best practices, or Agile architects to align complex projects with strategic goals, ClearHub can find the right Atlassian talent to take the stress away from you. 

Our Atlassian recruitment specialists can quickly match you with shortlisted contractors and freelancers who we firmly believe will be valuable assets to your team. Having‌ instant access to accredited and experienced Atlassian, Jira, or Confluence talent can fast-track your organisation into achieving the most out of these proven, enterprise-grade tools.

Contact ClearHub today to discuss your Atlassian vacancy and let us find dedicated contractors who can quickly fit into your team and add value to your organisation.

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