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At ClearHub, we are dedicated to finding top technical talent for companies that are looking to hire contractors. 

Created by a team of software experts specialising in the Atlassian tools, we take our deep knowledge of the industry and use it to identify and technically test high level contractors in a way that no generalist recruiter can. 

We consider your company culture, technical needs and existing talent to find a contractor that will help your teams work. We then go the extra mile, continuing to assist you and your new recruit in their role, with a combination of dedicated project management and technical support should you run into any problems.

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Atlassian Contractors

If you’re looking for Atlassian contractors, ClearHub are able to go above and beyond. Not only do we have a range of highly skilled, qualified contractors who are skilled in the full set of Atlassian tools, but we are also supported by a Platinum Atlassian Solution Partner, Clearvision. 

They provide an added layer of support to benefit you and your contractor, and mean that we are able to offer our clients peace of mind.

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Jira Contractors

Atlassian’s breakout tool, Jira, is used widely not only across development teams, but by whole organisations. If you need a technically skilled Jira Contractor, who can look after the implementation, administration and development of one of your mission critical tools, we can help.

Confluence Contractors

Atlassian’s social intranet Confluence aims to bring teams together and help them work better. These values are carried by ClearHub and our contractors. We have specialist Confluence administrators ready to help you take your intranet to the next level.

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Bitbucket Contractors

Bitbucket goes beyond Git code management. It gives your dev teams a tool to help them plan, collaborate on, test and deploy code. If you want to set up or make better use of Bitbucket in your organisation, a ClearHub Bitbucket contractor can help your teams work even better.

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Agile Contractors

Many organisations and teams have realised the huge benefits that can come from an Agile way of working. However, that doesn’t make it an easy or quick fix. The best way to implement or improve your Agile team is to bring in an expert coach who can help navigate your teams through it. 

An Agile contractor is able to not only train your team, but stay with them on site and work with them on their processes, workflows and collaboration to ensure that you can achieve true Agile development.

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Scrum Masters

There are a lot of theories and practices to get right when it comes to Scrum if you want to really bring your project owner, development team, and wider organisation together. We can help you find an experienced scrum master to guide you through the process.

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DevOps Contractors

Finding the right DevOps contractor to complete your team can be a daunting task, especially with so many skills to verify. 

At ClearHub, we use our extensive experience in the software industry to identify contractors who will tick all your technical boxes, fit in with your company culture, and integrate well with your existing team. 

Looking for GitHub or Gitlab experts? Look no further.

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Software Architects

The term software architect can cover many roles, but in our experience, the common requirement is an individual with the experience and deep technical knowledge needed to guide your project from conception to completion. With so much in the balance, choosing a pre-qualified contractor with vetted skills is the logical choice.

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Cloud Contractors

Cloud contractors need to be ready to tackle any issues with advanced skills, so that you can avoid the implications of extended downtime. Recruiting the talent to nurture this complicated infrastructure is difficult, but at ClearHub we’re able to leverage our technical knowledge and extensive network to fill even the most challenging of roles.