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Migration without the stress

When you’re migrating to a new VCS, the last thing you want to do is completely disrupt your development.

For many companies, the move to Git marks a move away from a centralised version control system to a distributed version control system. There may be a number of reasons you want to make the move.

You’re likely hoping to benefit from advanced workflows (like forks, pull requests and feature branching), a faster way of working and easier merging.

But the potential disruption caused by migration can seem like an unfair trade-off for these benefits. So why not avoid disruption with a contractor?

Our Git migration experts have all the skills and experience needed to help you make the move to Git quickly, with minimal disruption, and without compromising on stability.


With a contractor, you can...

Reduce downtime

With a specialist on hand to make sure your migration is done in the most efficient way, you’ll significantly reduce disruption to your development.

Enjoy peace of mind 

You can be assured that your VCS and all you mission critical data will be safe in the hands of an experienced contractor, verified by ClearHub.

Give your team extra support 

You can make sure your developers are up to speed on Git best practices, with an expert available to give them extra training and support.

What does an SVN to Git migration look like?

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Step One

The first step for your contractors is preparing the migration lead’s local machine. This includes downloading a utility script, mounting a case-sensitive file system and mapping author information from SVN to Git.


Step Two

Your contractor will then have to import the contents of the SVN repository into a Git repository. This stage of the process can take a significant amount of time, depending on the size of your repository.

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Step Three

By synchronising your Git repository with new commits in the original SVN repository, you can allow a period where you can continue to use SVN but also experiment with Git. This allows you to ensure your team is ready before making the switch.


Step Four

At this stage, your contractor will be able to set up a hosted repository such as Bitbucket, so that your converted Git repository can be shared with other developers. They can continue synchronising with the SVN repository until the whole team is comfortable.

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Step Five

Once everyone is ready, you can make the switch. At this stage the contractor will freeze the SVN repository at whatever state its in and any future commits can be made in Git and shared via Bitbucket. If your team needs extra training or support, your contractor can be on hand to provide it, as well as any maintenance your system may need.

Need help migrating other systems?

At ClearHub, we’re more than just a one trick pony.

We have a database of specialised contractors, with expertise in a huge number of systems.

Maybe you need help with another VCS like Perforce, CVS, TFS or Mercurial.

Or perhaps you need help with other types of migration, such as migrating to the cloud or migrating your company intranet?

Whatever projects you have coming up, ClearHub is on hand to help you find the right talent to guarantee your success!

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