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GitLab often sits right at the center of DevOps teams – allowing developers to store, manage, and track changes to their code, as well as facilitating teamwork and project management.

That’s why it’s essential to maintain it correctly and ensure there are no blockers that prevent your developers delivering top-quality software.

Our expert GitLab contractors are skills tested so you can be sure they’re ready to support you with all your GitLab needs, whether that’s core maintenance, facilitating seamless integration with your eco-system, or ensuring you’re getting the most out of the functionality GitLab can offer.


    What can a contractor offer


    New to GitLab? 

    Our contractors can help with implementation, ensuring that your software development eco-system is fully integrated and GitLab is setup to support you through all stages of software development.


    GitLab offers extensive functionality, with tools for code review, issue tracking, and seamless integration with various development workflows. 

    Our contractors can make sure you’re getting the full benefits, provide maintenance to reduce complexity and troubleshoot any issues.


    The easiest way for your teams to learn more about the tools they use everyday.

    From best-practise tips to onboarding users with new features and functionality, your GitLab contractor can share their expertise throughout the project.

    What sets ClearHub apart

    GitLab Expertise

    Eficode, our parent company, specialise in GitLab managed services, providing on-demand support from skilled personnel with years of global experience.

    Always Flexible

    We can help connect you with whatever resources you’re looking for, from short term on- demand support, contractors for mid length projects, and long term or even permanent experts.

    Skills testing

    Every contractor we place is technically tested by an industry expert in the skills that are important to you, so you can be sure they can get the job done.

    Technical support

    ClearHub gives your contractor access to technical support, provided by the experts at Eficode.