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Depending on the project support might consist of technical support (for the Atlassian stack) or simply HR support – whatever it is, our team are here to help throughout the duration of your contract.

What might your contract involve?

Our clients often want a contractor whose going to come in and oversee the whole migration process, from preparation through to mentoring the team on their new tool. We’ve outlined what a client may require from a typical SVN to Git migration.


Step One

The first step will be making sure your client and their systems are prepared for the migration. This could include downloading a utility script, mounting a case-sensitive file system and mapping author information from SVN to Git.


Step Two

You’ll then have to import the contents of the SVN repository into a Git repository. Depending on whether you’ve planned a one-way sync or are going to be committing to both Git and SVN, advanced actions may be required at this stage, such as cleaning the new Git repository.


Step Three

By synchronising the Git repository with new commits in the original SVN repository, you can allow a period where you the client can continue to use SVN but also experiment with Git. They may want you to start providing some extra support and training as they begin to experiment.


Step Four

At this stage, you will be able to set up a hosted repository such as Bitbucket, so that the converted Git repository can be shared with the development team. They can continue synchronising with the SVN repository until you’re happy that the whole team is ready to migrate.


Step Five

Once everyone is ready, you can make the switch. At this stage you can freeze the SVN repository at whatever state its in and any future commits can be made in Git and shared via Bitbucket.

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