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Most Atlassian technical leaders find that the type of contractor they need is as rare as a unicorn

…and waste months spinning their wheels because they never took a quick second to assess what the best approach is.

Your time is valuable.

We’d much rather you spent time focusing on your team and your project.

That’s why we’re part of Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, Clearvision. With over 21 years’ supporting software teams, no one is better-placed to help find your perfect contractor. First time and every time.


Get started with Bitbucket, no matter what stage you’re at.

Whether you need help figuring out if you should use a Cloud, server or Data Center instance, are migrating from an old repository manager or just doing the technical setup, we can help.


We know the hard work isn’t over once your Bitbucket is set up.

That’s why from managing user permissions to backing up data and making the most of add-ons, our Bitbucket experts can help make sure all of your critical maintenance is take care of.

On-site training

Your development team are already experts in what they do.

With the guidance of a Bitbucket contractor,  your teams will learn Bitbucket’s basic use,  best practise guidelines and how to get the most from their new tool.

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Work smarter, not harder

Create an easier, more fluid ways of working. Our Bitbucket contractors have expertise in the whole Atlassian stack and will be able to advise and implement any integrations you may want.


Activation and management

Your Bitbucket contractor will be able to find the best plug-ins to complement the way you work on the Atlassian Market place and administer them through the Universal Plugin Manager (UPM).



Prevent attacks

Whether choosing the right topology, updating user permissions, running Bitbucket servers behind a reverse proxy, or creating secure access using HTTPS, our Bitbucket contractors do it all.


Data back-up

Activation and management

How frequently should Bitbucket be backed up? And where should you store the data? Our experts will answer these questions – and get everything ready to make quick and easy data back-up happen. 

Innovative people matching: The risk-free guarantee

Feel like you’re in the dark when it comes to finding the best Confluence contractor for your team? Turn the light on, with ClearHub’s risk-free guarantee.

With our pay-as-you go option and dedicated customer care, we’re 100% risk-free.

Guaranteed to fit: A key consideration is how your Confluence contractor fits into your existing team.  You’ll get everything you need to make a decision, from work preferences to their personality type.

When perfectly matched, both you and your contractor can expect work from day one.

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Jacqueline is a Confluence contractor who specialises implementing and maintaining. In her last role she used her extensive knowledge of plug-ins to meet requirements.
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Jamie is a software engineer who specialises in Java, JavaScript and Oracle. She has worked on projects for major companies in the finance and technology sector.
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Mark is an Jira expert in roles as a developer and tester. Proficient in a number of different agile development tools, Mark is experienced in TDD and BDD.
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