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Software Developer

Alexej is a full stack JavaScript software developer with more than six years experience in both back and front-end.

Senior Software Developer

Vincent is a senior software developer with 20+ years of software development, covering the full software development life-cycle.

Contractor Alan Profile

DevOps Consultant

Alan transitioned from a developer to a DevOps consultant and uses his knowledge and experience to help drive organisational change for his clients.

Optimise your development

When you start a new software project, the risks and responsibilities can feel overwhelming.

While the role of a software architect can cover many things, they are generally seen as someone with the technical know how and experience to be able to nurture your project from conception to completion.

With so much responsibility on their shoulders, it is essential that this person has the right attitude and skills.

With our wide contractor network and years of experience in software development, ClearHub can help you find the perfect resource for your team.

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    How a ClearHub architect can help your team:


    An architect can help you to asses project requirements, design an entire system and oversee the whole project, from the technologies used to the way the team works.

    The right architect will provide not only technical expertise, but also management of your team and comprehensive strategy.

    Always Flexible

    Constantly educating your team will help drive success.

    An architect will oversee and mentor your team to make sure they are doing the best job possible, and keep them up to date with the latest best practices. They can also train the team in new tools and procedures, based on their experience.


    Problems arise when key people struggle to communicate and collaborate effectively.

    Our architects are experts in promoting collaborative working. As they get to know your team they can provide mentoring and support to help them communicate.


    As well as managing your team, your architect also needs to be able to provide the technical support  and expertise needed to make some of the most important (and expensive) decisions your project needs.

    All of our contractors undergo extensive technical testing, so you can trust that their skills are up to date and comprehensive.