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Migrate Jira server to cloud

There are many reasons why businesses make the decision to migrate away from Jira server. 

It may be that you want to reduce your IT overheads, or could do without the added maintenance, compliance and security concerns.

Once you’re set up with Jira cloud, Atlassian will manage the hosting, and you’ll also benefit from improved security, the ability to easily scale your instance, and immediate access to more integrations and future innovations.

Depending on your current infrastructure and the in-house resources you have available, taking on a migration of this scale can be daunting. 

The thought of extended downtime on one of your most mission critical tools may have even put you off taking on a migration in the past.

Our Jira migration experts have the experience and skills to ensure your migration takes place as quickly as possible, with minimal disruption, and without compromising on stability.

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    With a contractor, you can...

    Reduce downtime

    With a specialist on hand to make sure your migration is done in the most efficient way, you’ll significantly reduce disruption to your development.

    Enjoy peace of mind 

    You can be assured that all your mission critical data will be safe in the hands of an experienced contractor, verified by ClearHub.

    Give your team extra support 

    You can make sure your developers are up to speed on Jira best practices, with an expert available to give them extra training and support.

    Who are ClearHub?

    ClearHub was created by a team of software experts. Underpinned by agile, we are entrepreneurs, technical experts and recruitment specialists, passionate about growing our network, and your business.

    When it comes to those mission-critical Atlassian tools, no one is better placed to help you. With 24/7 access to the ClearHub help desk, your contractor can get a quick answer to any question from the Atlassian certified support team.

    Regardless of the expertise you’re looking for, you can rest assured that the contractor has been vetted for technical ability, cultural fit and work preferences, meaning they’ll hit the ground running.

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