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Why migrate to Atlassian Cloud?

In recent years, Atlassian have been shifting their focus to be cloud-first, and since last year have been taking active steps to encourage server to cloud migration. Their cloud offering is next level, creating an intuitive and unified way for users to use their tools.

A survey that Atlassian conducted with their clients showed that 84% of CTO’s asked said that they saw the benefits of their cloud migration in less than 6 months. Those benefits include:

The Atlassian tools you love, plus all the benefits of the cloud…







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"Our cost analysis easily showed that we could spend less per year on cloud than server, as well as get more features and integrations and less downtime. It was an easy, no-brainer decision to make the jump."

Marcus Hecht, IT Professional with ClearlyRated

How can we help with cloud migration?

Depending on your current infrastructure, the in-house resources you have available, and the thought of extended downtime on your most mission critical tools, you may be wondering how to start your migration journey…

After all, taking on a migration of this scale can be daunting.

Thankfully, we are here to support you at every stage of the migration, along with our parent company Clearvision, a double platinum Atlassian partner.


Planning and Preparation

Clearvision will work with you to make sure everything is in place for the migration to progress smoothly while we work to source the top experts you’ll need throughout the migration.


Between the Clearvision team and your dedicated project expert, sourced by ClearHub, we’ll make sure the migration path is secure, all testing is complete and any downtime will be minimised.


With the right experts in place to manage your migration, and the technical support of a team of expert atlassian consultants at their disposal, we can ensure the migration rolls out without a hitch.

Training and Support

Our team and experts will be on hand to provide ongoing training and support to your team for as long as you need., and to ensure you continue to get the most out of the tools you love.

When migrating with us, you can enjoy...

Reduced downtime

With a specialist on hand to make sure your migration is done in the most efficient way, you’ll significantly reduce disruption to your development.

Peace of mind 

You can be assured that all your mission critical data will be safe in the hands of an experienced professional, verified by ClearHub.

Extra support 

Make sure your teams are up to speed on Atlassian best practices, with an expert on hand to give them extra training and deliver any ongoing support you may need.

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