A little bit about who we are

ClearHub was created by a team of software experts. Underpinned by agile, we are entrepreneurs,
technical experts and recruitment specialists, passionate about growing our network, and your business.

The ClearHub Story

The ClearHub story starts, as you might assume, with a contractor. Gerald Tombs, now Clearvision and ClearHub CEO, was once a contractor, working for IBM.

Utilising his experience of helping clients develop better software, faster, Gerry started Clearvision in 1997. In 2005 he gained expert accreditation from Atlassian with their breakthrough product, Jira.

As Atlassian grew, so did Clearvision, opening offices worldwide and serving many of the largest development teams globally.

In 2016, using his understanding of both the world of software development, contracting and the growing need from organisations for flexible, agile solutions to the skills shortage in IT, Gerry founded ClearHub.

The aim of ClearHub is simple: to give businesses like yours access to the best talent, all screened and technically tested by Clearvision’s expert team. This means you get the right skills in your team quickly and easily – leaving you more time to focus on what’s important – delivering the next innovation.

More than a recruitment agency

What sets ClearHub apart?

If you’ve ever hired a tech professional you’ll know that a lot of agencies over-promise and under-deliver. The main reason for this is that your average recruiter doesn’t know their docker from their devops; how could they when they don’t live it?

At ClearHub we specialise in what we know and pride ourselves on helping software development teams deliver more with our contractors.

When it comes to those mission-critical Atlassian tools, no one is better placed to help you. With 24/7 access to the ClearHub help desk, your contractor can get a quick answer to any question from the Atlassian certified support team.

Regardless of the expertise you’re looking for, you can rest assured that the contractor has been vetted for technical ability, cultural fit and work preferences, meaning they’ll hit the ground running.

Ready to get started?

Jacqueline is a Confluence contractor who specialises implementing and maintaining. In her last role she used her extensive knowledge of plug-ins to meet requirements.
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Jamie is a software engineer who specialises in Java, JavaScript and Oracle. She has worked on projects for major companies in the finance and technology sector.
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Mark is an Jira expert in roles as a developer and tester. Proficient in a number of different agile development tools, Mark is experienced in TDD and BDD.