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Future of team work white paper

The Future of Team Work: Build the Agile Team of Tomorrow

Hiring for an agile team? Frustrated by the lack of quality candidates?

With insight from specialists in software, recruitment and agile , this white paper offers practical tips to help you build the team that will drive your business forward.

The Skills Gap Strategy: Checklist and Guide

Business priorities in constant flux? Does this cause a lack of team productivity?

Our checklist includes five key takeaways you can use to optimise team performance and crush the competition by getting your products to market first.


Collaboration Tools and Trends

Are you looking to get better team efficiency?

With key insight from Clearvision, this eBook provides you with everything you need to collaborate better, deliver work faster – and ultimately get more done.

Increase the value of any contractor​

Do you get the most out of every person you hire?

This quick and easy guide will help you appreciate the unique benefits of contractors, get the best out of your team and, ultimately, radically increase team productivity.

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