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Peter worked as a Confluence Administrator for seven years and is now a Confluence Consultant. He manages user permissions, improves UX and complex project workflows.
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Confluence Administrator
Sidney is a Confluence Migration Expert. He has 5 years experience in data migration between Confluence installations. Sidney has worked many industries; from automotive to finance.
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Confluence Migration Expert
Max is an Atlassian Tools Specialist expert in the migration, installation, operation and exploitation of ALM, including Jira, Confluence, Bamboo and Bitbucket.
Atlassian Tools Specialist
Mark is an Atlassian Expert in Jira and Confluence. He has managed, maintained and performance tuned many large and complex installations.

Jira Expert
Daniel is a Configuration Manager and integration expert who specialises in C#, HP, Jira, ScriptRunner and XML. He has over 29 years experience in the software industry.
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Jira Expert
Luke is a Jira Product Manager. He has a background in software engineering and is used to working with key stakeholders to identify areas for improvement.
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Jira Product Manager
Ellie has been working with the Atlassian suite since leaving university, and has developed a wide range of development skills as a result.
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Atlassian Developer
Lucas is a Jira professional who has completed his ACP certification. He has previous experience as a Jira application owner as well as working as a Jira developer.
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Jira Developer

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Jessica is a Jira Admin with extensive experience in Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Bamboo and more. Jessica has significant experience with plugins and hosting technologies.
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Jira Administrator
Kevin is a certified Jira Administrator responsible for delivery and support of Atlassian tools. He is experienced in automating processes, integrating systems, and administration.
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Jira Administrator
Jacqueline is a Confluence Freelancer who specialises in implementation and maintenance. Her last role was as a Confluence Administrator.

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Confluence Expert

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Adam is a competent Cloud Systems Administrator. He has advanced knowledge of cloud computing managing high pressure situations.

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Cloud Systems Administrator
Peter is a Senior Cryptography Specialist and software developer, with project management and blockchain experience.

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DevOps Expert
Alexej is a a full stack JavaScript Software Developer with more than six years experience. He is deeply interested in technology, science, and startup businesses.
JavaScript Developer

ClearHub are very professional and experienced with high end clients which provides good opportunities for progression. They know exactly what they are doing in the market and the requirements to source the right people.

Ashik K, ClearHub Contractor
Alan transitioned from a Developer to a DevOps Consultant and Engineer. He now uses his knowledge ans experience to help drive organisational change.
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DevOps Expert
Jeffrey is a Big Data Engineer with advanced knowledge in AJAX, Apache, Salesforce, Maven and XML. He has experience in completing both on-site and remote projects.
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Data Engineer
Eloise is a Software Developer. She has expertise in Bamboo, HTML, JavaScript, Java, SQL, Spring and Web sphere. Her main focus is on the media and entertainment sector.
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Software Developer
Vincent is a Senior Software Developer with 20+ years of experience, covering the full software development life-cycle. His key skills include OS, C/C++, C#, Java, MS visual studio and XML.
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Senior Software Developer

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Megan is an experienced Product and Project Manager. She has a strong knowledge of agile methodologies, and is a skilled and confident leader.
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Project Manager
David has an excellent resume of successfully driving transformation change and delivering significant value in large organisations in both private and public sectors.
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Agile Coach
Craig is a Scrum Master and Tool Administrator with over ten years' in Bamboo, Big Picture, Bitbucket, Confluence, Crowd, Fisheye, Git, GitHub, GitLab, Jira and Tempo.
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Scrum Master
Arthur has spent the last ten years helping agile implementation into development teams. He is highly competent in Git, iOS, Java, Jira software, Python and SQL.
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Kanban Coach

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