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Migration Expert

Ben is an experienced configuration manager, specialising in the Atlassian tool stack. He has worked in many industries; from automotive to finance.

Cloud Engineer

Adam is a highly competent systems administrator with seven years of experience investigating and diagnosing network and hosting problems.

Megan Profile

Agile Project Manager

Megan is an experienced product and project manager who has spent the past five years working in various IT companies and SaaS environments. 

The right cloud expertise and zero downtime

As a technology leader, we know that downtime is your worst-case scenario: Your revenue and reputation suffer every minute that your application is down.

You need cloud engineers who understand that downtime is measured in minutes, not days. This demands the right people with the right mix of skills.

That’s why we consider downtime as one of the key performance indicators for your engineer.

Resourcing Cloud engineers takes time and energy and compounded by the complexities of cloud infrastructure.


    What we offer

    AWS contractors

    You use AWS because it’s reliable – and global.

    Which is also a reason to use us! If you need help in setting up, optimising or migrating your AWS infrastructure, speak to a member of the team today. 

    Azure contractors

    Our contractors will work with you to develop and design your Azure platform.

    ClearHub’s network of contractors includes skills such as .NET, .json, ITIL and Windows Server. Contact us today to learn more.

    Google Cloud contractors

    Budget a factor?

    We have many Google Cloud specialists to hire. Most with related skills like Docker, Jenkins, Python and more. Whatever you need, we can help you find the right person for the role.

    How we can help

    Atlassian Tools

    The leading software solutions

    From Jira to Confluence – if you need support with implementation, configuration, hosting or more –we can help!

    Supported by Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner Clearvision.

    Expert Developers

    Flexible expertise

    Need to scale quickly? Our developers have skills including .NET, C, Python and Java – as well as Docker, AWS, Git and Jenkins.

    And, if they’re not in our network, we’ll source them fast!

    Agile processes and approach

    From fragile to agile

    Adopting agile principles and methodology can help you improve the way you work, especially in the cloud.

    Help your software projects deliver efficiently and fast with agile coaches and certified Scrum Masters.

    Devops freelancers

    Getting the job done

    When you need to bring in a DevOps engineer or freelance software developer, you want them to get to work straightaway.

    Our network of contractors are highly technically skilled, from infrastructure and automation to scripting.