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Megan Profile

Agile Project Manager

Megan is an experienced product and project manager who has spent the past five years working in various IT companies and SaaS environments. 

Agile Coach

David is a knowledgeable, highly talented and commercially perceptive Agile Coach who drives transformational change and delivers significant value.

Kanban Coach

Arthur is a kanban coach and software developer with over 10 years experience helping companies implement agile methodologies.

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Agile teams deliver the best results, and with the right coaches you’ll see team morale improve, productivity levels rise and products ship faster.

While most teams have adopted certain agile principles in recent years, the true benefits may not be seen unless these principles are united across your organisation.

We can help you find a dedicated Agile expert, no matter the length or nature of your agile project.

With an extensive network of top talent and a deep understanding of software development and agile principles, ClearHub can help you do things the right way. The agile way.


    What we offer

    Agile Transformations

    Looking for an experienced agile coach to support transformation? Our experts can work alongside your project managers and teams to ensure that transformations run smoothly and become embedded in your company.

    Agile Training

    Do you want to offer your teams further coaching and support in agile methodologies? 

    Our experts can provide short term or ongoing training, in-house or remotely, to suit the needs of your teams.

    Agile workflows

    Are you looking to expand your internal agile capabilities? 

    A dedicated agile expert can help you develop an agile workflow that is tailored to your business and ensure you’re up to date with the latest best practices.