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What is a Scrum Master?

A scrum master can help your scrum team operate more effectively, using the correct theory, practices, rules and values.

If you’re looking to bridge the gap between the product owner, development team and the rest of the organisation, a qualified scrum master is the perfect solution.


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Support for the...

Product Owner

From ensuring that all goals are properly communicated and finding new techniques and solutions to help things run smoothly, to supporting product backlog management.

Development Team

Your scrum master can help with coaching, ensuring all products are high quality, developing agility and removing blockers for your development team.

Wider Organisation

Bring scrum to the wider organisation with entry level coaching and support. Create positive change that increases productivity and keeps you organisation moving forward.

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Helping to reach consensus

There are times during the scrum process where the whole team needs to come together and make decisions, such as what can be achieved in a set amount of time. 

A scrum master can help facilitate these decisions and ensure an efficient and calm conclusion. They can also make sure that relationships between the scrum team and the rest of the company remain strong. 

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Keeping the goal front of mind

When it comes to development, it can be easy for everyday issues and successes to become the main focus. 

A scrum master will make sure everyone stays focused on the end goal to help the team meet deadlines and keep the bigger picture in sight. They can also prevent other distractions from affecting the progress of the team.

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Techniques to a 'T'

If you’ve had trouble getting the basics of scrum right, or are just looking to take it to the next level, you can benefit from a scrum master.

All of our contractors  are professionally vetted so you know that you’re bringing the best level of knowledge to your team.

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Removing Obstacles

Don't let anything stop you

Having a dedicated person to remove blockers means that the rest of the team will have less distractions, and can keep working at what they do best.

This can also help to improve team relationships and prevent frustrations from growing within your team.

Peace of mind: Risk-free guarantee

The best agile teams use the top talent and here at ClearHub we only work with the experts. All of our contractors are screened by our recruitment team, technically tested by accredited professionals and asked to complete a personality profile. This means you get a guaranteed fit.

When perfectly matched, both you and your contractor can expect to hit the ground sprinting!

What’s more, with our pay-as-you go option and dedicated customer care, we’re 100% risk-free. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

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