Remote Working Experts

Remote Working Experts

Specialising in Jira, Atlassian, and Confluence contractors, ClearHub are specialists in finding the highest quality remote working professionals for businesses around the world. For all forms of agile contractors, remote working is growing in popularity – and we have the expertise to find the right contractors for your team.

We have been placing remote workers for many years. Prior to recent events, around 40% of our contracts were remote, and in light of the COVID-19 outbreak, the need for high quality remote workers has never been higher. With contractors in 110 countries worldwide, we have the ability to place both offshore and remote experts, specialising in everything from Atlassian and DevOps to all forms of IT contractors.

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How remote contractors can benefit your business

Thanks to advances in technology and the development of apps and software, it has never been easier for businesses to work with remote contractors. File sharing, communication, face-to-face video, and much more are all possible – this means that organisations can seamlessly work with in-house and remote staff without any workflow interruptions.

Doing so can be highly beneficial – if contractors can work remotely then they can be employed from anywhere in the world, opening up a much wider workforce to you. Additionally, this offers advantages such as a more flexible and productive team, while potentially reducing staff turnover. Remote contractors often have the skills and expertise that it would extremely expensive, or impractical, to bring in house.

How managers can get more from remote contractors

No matter whether you are working with contractors on agile projects, or bringing in remote staff with specific expertise in Jira, Atlassian, or DevOps, managers and team leaders need to understand how to get the best from them.

This is where technical advances have become absolutely essential. Communication tools and messaging apps, as well as work-sharing software are vital to make it as easy as possible for contractors to work smoothly with managers and other members of the team. Whether you wish to micro-manage and keep on top of all the details, or you prefer to rely on the expertise of the contractor, strong lines of communication are key.

Managers can only get the most from remote contractors when they feel that they can trust them to do a great job. That’s why at ClearHub, we handpick our contractors and guarantee that they are vetted and technically tested to ensure they can do a fantastic job for you.

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We have a database of specialised contractors, with expertise in a huge number of systems, meaning we can help you find the right resource, whatever their specialism, and wherever in the world they’re needed.

Whatever projects you have coming up, ClearHub is on hand to help you find the right talent to guarantee your success!


Ways to help remote contractors

There are many things that businesses can do to help remote contractors in their new position. It is important to make them feel like a part of the team, as well as providing them with opportunities to ask questions and gain clarification on tasks, but also to socialise and interact with colleagues.

Some important ways to do this include a daily huddle meeting – short meetings that bring teams together and give them a quick opportunity to ask any questions and explain if they need anything in order to do their job effectively. It is also a great idea to have regular calls between team members, as well as social interaction such as virtual lunches. These can help remote contractors build rapport as a team.

Task tracking tools can also be a huge help in allowing contractors to effectively manage their workloads.

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