Change Management

When you're adapting your IT services and systems, bringing in a change manager can help make the process quick and easy.

Change management experts you can trust

So you’ve identified the need for a change in your company, and you have the software in place to track and manage it.

But what next?

You and your team certainly don’t have the time to spare to oversee a project this extensive, and with such important software involved you really want to leave it in the hands of someone who knows what they’re doing.

What you need is a highly experienced, technically skilled change manager to come in and oversee the project. 

Why a contractor?

Suits your Timeline

Important work doesn’t need to be put on hold because your team is at full capacity. Get work done when you need it, by an experienced professional.

Fills your skills gaps

Specialist projects need specialist skills. With ClearHub you’re in control; simply tell us your needs and we’ll recommend the right resources.

Scales when you need to 

Long-term projects have a habit of being unpredictable. With ClearHub you can hire more contractors as and when you need them.

What can a change manager do for you?

Set Up File Graphic

Set Up Service Desk

to support the change

Even if you’re already using a service desk, a change manager who is familiar with the software can help you make more of your tools. 

Whether its initial set-up, customisation or general maintenance, your contractor will be able to take control of your change management work space.

strategy icon

Assess and Plan

the proposed change

Your change manager will look over the change and try to assess its success and the best course of action. 

They will then put together a plan of how they will put the change in place including the expected outcomes, timeline, resources needed, testing and roll out.


and document the change

Once the plan has been agreed upon, your contractor can then begin to implement the change.

This will vary from project to project and will depend who else is involved in the change, but your contractor can make sure deadlines are met and problems resolved.

Review Icon

Review and Close

the implemented change

Once a change has been implemented, your contractor can review the process before they close it.

They can examine whether it was a success, completed on time, within budget etc, so that you can take this information forward into future changes.

Although we provide contractors who specialise in all sorts of software, our partnership with Clearvision (platinum solution partners)  means that we’re ideally placed to support the Atlassian stack.

If you’ve chosen Jira service desk to track your change, your contractor will have access to support from one of the leading providers of Atlassian solutions in the world.

Need help with something else?

If you need help finding other specialist contractors, ClearHub can help!

With solutions covering everything from digital transformation to Git migration, tool specialists in the entire Atlassian stack, and DevOps and software experts galore, we have you covered.

Just get in touch today and we can begin matching you to the experts you need.

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