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Whether you're at the beginning of your transformation or looking for additional support, we have the contractors to support your journey.

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Taking on a digital transformation is huge – you’ve got brand vision, customer experience and organisational culture to consider, and that’s just to start.

One of the biggest challenges is ensuring the business runs as usual – customers, and your bottom line, aren’t impacted by the changes. In order for this to happen you need the majority of your team to remain focused.

This is where ClearHub can help. With a global network of specialist contractors, we can add the flexibility and expertise you need for such an important project. 

Whether you’re trying to be more agile, people-oriented, innovative, customer-centric, streamlined, or simply future-proofing your business, we can help.

Every transformation project is different, but we have the right expertise to help you ensure yours is a success.

Why a contractor?

Reduce stoppages

Important work doesn’t need to be put on hold because a contractor can simply work throughout the duration of the transformation, before leaving.

Fill your skills gaps

Specialist projects need specialist skills. With ClearHub you’re in control; simply tell us your needs and we’ll recommend the right resources.

Scale when you need to 

Long-term projects have a habit of being unpredictable. With ClearHub you can hire more contractors as and when you need them.

We can help you find digital transformation experts who are skilled in the following...

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Atlassian tools

The leading software solutions

From Jira for project management, to Confluence for collaboration, the Atlassian suite is a favourite among many of the largest organisations in the world. We have contractors with expertise across the entire stack, to ensure your team are using cutting edge tools in the right way.

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AWS, Azure and more

Often acting as a mediator between your existing IT team and your Cloud provider of choice, ClearHub’s cloud contractors can ensure a smooth transition to cloud infrastructure including, if necessary, a hybrid solution of bare metal and cloud. ClearHub’s network of contractors includes expertise with all major cloud providers.


From fragile to agile

To stay competitive organisations should always be looking to continuously improve. Getting there can involve significant changes to tooling, personnel and culture. The ClearHub network includes agile coaches, scrum masters and agile project managers; all the resource you need to move from fragile to agile.

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Getting the job done

As the metaphorical “boots on the ground” we highly recommend hiring some DevOps engineers to help move your project in the right direction. On a basic level these engineers can help with coding, process re-engineering and collaborating with stakeholders. When digitising your business, DevOps is a must.

Need help with something else?

A digital transformation is unique to every organisation and touches a wide variety of disciplines and skill sets.

We have a database of specialised contractors, with expertise in a huge number of systems, meaning we can help you find the right resource, whatever their specialism, and wherever in the world they’re needed.

Whatever projects you have coming up, ClearHub is on hand to help you find the right talent to guarantee your success!

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