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Atlassian Expert

Karim is an Atlassian consultant based in the US with over 8 years experience across the Atlassian stack. 

Jira Developer

Victoria has previous experience as a Jira application owner as well as working as a Jira developer within a wider team

Tom - Jira Contractor Profile

Jira Contractor

Tom is an experienced Jira admin who thrives in a fast-paced and dynamic environment where thinking on your feet is a necessity.

Trust the Jira experts

You know that Jira is often mission critical. With the average large organisation tracking 1.4m issues through a single Jira instance, managing it is increasingly complex.

How do you find the right Jira expert, wherever you are in the world? With ClearHub; the only contractor service backed by an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner.

So you get the right contractor for the job, with the added protection of a certified partner, supporting your project.


    What we offer


    The best software teams ship early and often.

    Your Jira freelancer will explore your business needs and work with you to develop workflows to support everyone.


    A better way for software and IT teams to manage incidents.

    Your contractor will manage the maintenance of your workflows, issue types, permissions and more.


    An easier way for your teams to learn the tool.

    Whether its basic training or assisting users with reports, your contractor will soon have everyone making most of Jira.

    How we can help


    Work smarter, not harder

    Your Jira admin will integrate your mission-critical tools and get you working smarter, faster and more efficiently. Whether its the Atlassian stack or other software, get your tools working together.


    Activation and management

    Your Jira expert will be able to activate and manage workflows as well as more advanced configuration – such as adding custom events, using validators with custom fields and using XML.


    Prevent attacks, minimise fixes

    Our contractors are up to date with the latest best practice security requirements. They’re able to configure to issue level security, manage roles and prevent security attacks in Jira.

    server administration

    Activation and management

    From finding your server ID to generating a thread dump, your contractor will handle all the server administration tasks  needed so you can get on with the work that matters most.


    A Jira specialist is an expert in the use of the Atlassian Jira platform, which is a popular project management tool used by many software development teams. The role of a Jira specialist can vary depending on the needs of the organization, but typically involves the following:

    1. Configuring and customizing Jira: A Jira specialist will typically be responsible for configuring and customizing Jira to meet the specific needs of the organization. This can involve setting up custom workflows, creating custom fields and issue types, and configuring permissions and notifications.

    2. Training users: A Jira specialist will often provide training to users on how to use Jira effectively. This can include providing one-on-one training, conducting group training sessions, or creating documentation and training materials.

    3. Providing technical support: A Jira specialist will typically be responsible for providing technical support to users of the platform. This can involve troubleshooting issues, resolving bugs, and providing guidance on best practices for using Jira.

    4. Integrating Jira with other tools: A Jira specialist may also be responsible for integrating Jira with other tools used by the organization, such as continuous integration and deployment tools or testing frameworks.

    5. Administering Jira: A Jira specialist will typically be responsible for administering the Jira platform, including tasks such as creating and managing user accounts, configuring backups and disaster recovery plans, and ensuring the security and stability of the platform.

    Yes, Jira can be a good fit for small projects as well as larger ones. While Jira is often associated with larger software development projects, it can be customized to meet the specific needs of smaller projects as well.

    One of the benefits of Jira is its flexibility and configurability. It can be customized to support a wide range of project types and workflows, including those used by smaller teams. Additionally, Jira offers a range of features that can be useful for small projects, such as task tracking, issue management, and project planning tools.

    Yes, Jira is a valuable skill to have, particularly for those working in software development or project management. Jira is a widely used project management tool that is used by many organizations to manage software development projects, track tasks and issues, and collaborate with team members.