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Alexej Horváth

Software Developer | Cryptography Specialist

Alexej Horvath | Software Developer
Košice | Slovakia

About Alexej

Alexej is a a full stack JavaScript software developer with more than six years experience in both back and front-end.

He is deeply interested in technology, science, and startup businesses.


2018 - Present


Cryptocurrency ATM

Responsible for maintaining one and two-way ATM – supporting multiple cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Payment Gateway

Created an architecture for online gateway for buying and selling Bitcoin.

Best Practice Web Applications

Added new tools for automatic code quality control and updating the internal code-base to reflect new best practices.

2017 - 2018


E-Health Platform

Brief: As a software developer, Alexej also project managed communication with the client, the architecture and implementation of the front-end and wrote unit tests and documentation.

Skills used: React, Sass, Material UI, Redux.

2016- 2017



What? Develop a core advertising platform with Angular 1.x.

Brief: Lead the development team to improve the software development kit (SDK) with Node.js SDK and write the unit tests.

Skills used: Node.js, Mocha, Sinon, TDD, Git.

Key Skills

Atom Editor 91%
Javascript 94%
Java 82%
NodeJS 79%
Mocha 72%
React 77%

Technical Skills

Cryptocurrencies, ICO, Ethereum, Bitcoin, JavaScript, NodeJS,Git, SQL, TDD, BDD, CSS, HTML

Atom Editor, Visual Code Studio, Webpack, Gulp, ExpressJS, SequalizeJS, JQuery, React, Redux, Jasmine.

Agile development, SCRUM, iterative development, requirements analysis, waterfall model, UX analysis.



Bachelor Degree - Applied computer science

Technical University of Kosice


High School - Computer Science

Electrotechnical high school





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