awken the force

Awaken the force you can, with Jira Jedi Atlassian contractors

A long time ago in an office far far away… a business needed Jira, Confluence, and DevOps Contractors, but they were impossible to find!

Recruiters didn’t know their docker from their DevOps, and the team within the business were on the verge of giving up their quest for an Atlassian contractor.

Until…along came the Jira Jedi Masters — ClearHub!

The solution to all their problems, ClearHub provided the team with expert Atlassian Jedi knight contractors, technically tested and proven to work with their mission-critical Atlassian tools. The business couldn’t believe their contractor came with 24/7 access to the ClearHub help desk where the Jira Jedi could get answers to questions from an Atlassian certified support team in a galaxy not too far away.

The contractor joined the team and helped the business achieve their mission, before departing on to his next quest.

Can you relate to the protagonist in this tale? Perhaps you’ve got what it takes and are waiting to be recruited by the Jira Jedi Order? If this is you, you are in the right place, become a hero and have your story told. ClearHub only places expert Jira Jedi knights — padawans are for recruitment agencies who don’t know there docker from their DevOps.

Perhaps you’re the business in this story, and you are looking for a Jira Jedi Knight to help your team work better? There’s no need to search the galaxy far and wide, they’re right here. Find expert Jira, Confluence, and DevOps Contractors, anywhere in the world, with built-in technical support.

Attending TechXLR8? We’ll be stationed at stand CL202, no matter what you’re looking for, we can help.

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