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Everything that happened at Atlassian TEAM 2022

TEAM ‘22 Highlights

  • Atlas launched – the ultimate teamwork directory
  • Compass unveiled, for distributed architecture
  • Atlassian Data Lake introduced
  • Atlassian Analytics Hub introduced
  • Security updates and new integrations announced

We’re back! After what feels like so many years of travel restrictions, uncertainty and covid-related chaos, the ClearHub team is so excited to be back in Las Vegas for Atlassian’s flagship conference event.

TEAM ‘22 is our 13th Atlassian conference, and our first in-person conference since 2019, so it’s safe to say we’ve all been pretty excited about it.

Aaron, our Global Contractor Support Manager, took his spot representing ClearHub at Stand 9 – talking to would-be and existing customers, excitement building as the event progressed…

And what an event it has been.

After buzzing around, saying our hellos and settling into the electric atmosphere of TEAM ‘22, the event kicked off properly. We were there for the opening keynote, delivered by Atlassian Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Scott Farquhar, and COO, Anu Bharadwaj.

Here’s what happened…

Atlassian launches Atlas, to connect all apps and keep projects on track

Atlas is a cross-platform project management tool, with a difference. It promises to be a robust solution for remote working teams: keeping track of who is working on what, deliverables, when they’re due – and crucially, the importance and value of their work.

It gives teams accountability (and stakeholders regular progress updates) by prompting weekly updates on work – limited to 280 characters, to stop reporting taking over their real jobs. Atlas creates a personalised digest for every user, every week – giving them updates on the projects that they follow.

Notion, Google apps, – Atlas integrates with everything, including Microsoft Teams and Slack, bridging gaps and keeping work moving in the right direction.

Atlassian calls it a “teamwork directory”. And that’s fitting. Atlassian has recognised that teamwork happens in multiple platforms, but communicating status between them has been way too complicated.

Atlas is completely free to use, company-wide.

Get Atlas for free.

Atlassian introduces Compass (in Alpha) for distributed architecture

Compass is a developer experience platform that helps teams navigate their distributed architecture, bringing disconnected information about engineering output and the teams collaborating on them together in a central, searchable location.

Learn more about Compass.

Atlassian introduces Data Lake

Atlassian tools are critical in many companies, and generate huge firehoses of data – on workflow, productivity, performance and ROI. This data is produced over the entire stack of Atlassian tools, and until now, there hasn’t been a simple way to collect and make sense of it all. But that’s changing.

Companies can now gather and interpret cross-product and cross-instance data, for easy analysis. Atlassian Data Lake currently includes data from Jira Software and Jira Service Management, and will eventually work across all tools.

Atlassian Analytics Hub

Atlassian knows that data without context is nothing. Getting insights from Atlassian Data Lake requires a partner application – and Analytics Hub is just that. It can create custom reports and visualisations, to make sense of data and offer insights into everything your company is doing with its tools.

Eventually, Analytics Hub will be able to connect with other business intelligence tools, blending data from other sources and building a complete picture of company performance, within a single platform. 

Find out more.

New features, integrations and security updates

Confluence can now automatically create charts out of data, and change the chart type with one simple click – available in web and mobile editor. Confluence Cloud can now be integrated with Microsoft Teams.

  • All products will inherit the editing capability
  • More security in Atlassian Access

Taking a stand – at Stand 9

Stand 9 was our own little patch at TEAM ‘22, so we decided to use it for good. The ClearHub and Clearvision teams dedicated Stand 9 to supporting Ukraine.

The war in Ukraine is a personal matter for us. We have Ukrainian teammates and friends – and we can’t just stand idly by while our own people are put in danger.

So, we set up fundraising and Amazon gifting links – as well as a donations box at our stand. And the people of Atlassian TEAM ‘22 have not disappointed.

Your generosity will be distributed between authoritative, accountable British and Ukrainian charities, to provide humanitarian aid to Ukrainians.

We want to help in any way we can to ease the suffering of innocent Ukranians caught in the conflict – and we’re extremely grateful to everyone who has contributed so far.

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