DevOps Consultant

Elena is a skilled DevOps Consultant focused on pipeline optimization and best practices implementation across varied organizational setups.

Elena - devops

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DEVOPS consultant


Elena Rodriguez is a DevOps Consultant with 7 years of experience in optimizing development pipelines and implementing best DevOps practices across various organizations.


DevOps Maturity Model Implementation
2021 - Present

Advised on and implemented a DevOps maturity model for a Fortune 500 company, improving deployment frequency by 50%.

Kubernetes Cluster Optimization
2018 - 2021

Optimized Kubernetes clusters for better resource utilization and cost-efficiency for several clients.

Microservices Transition
2015 - 2018

Guided teams through the transition from monolithic architectures to microservices, improving scalability and agility.

Key Skills

Kubernetes 95%
Azure 92%
CircleCI 89%
Python 87%
Puppet 85%
Microservices 82%

Technical Skills

  • Cloud Platforms: AWS, Azure, GCP
  • Container Orchestration: Kubernetes, Docker Swarm
  • CI/CD: Jenkins, CircleCI, Bamboo
  • Monitoring & Logging: ELK Stack, Splunk
  • Configuration Management: Chef, Puppet

Education and Certificates

  • MBA with a focus on Information Systems – Stanford University – 2014
  • BSc in Software Engineering – University of Washington – 2011