There's never been a better time to add a contractor to your team

There’s never been a better time to add a contractor to your team

Remote working has taken over this past year, as we’ve all had to make changes to stay safe during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Although it may have started as a necessity, many businesses and individuals have realised the benefits that remote work can bring, and are looking to continue to incorporate it into their normal routines going forward. 

But remote work doesn’t just benefit full time employees. There can also be a large number of benefits for contractors, and the teams that hire them.

Read on to see some of the ways hiring a remote contractor could benefit your team.

No travel costs

In the past, technical contractors had to accept that there would be a certain amount of travelling required to do their job, as many employers would want them on site to complete projects. 

In order to get the best person for the job, employers might have had to cover travel costs and maybe even the cost of living if contractors would be working away from home. 

Embracing remote work means that your contractors can work from their own homes, creating significant savings for your company. Contractors will also benefit from the added convenience and better work life balance, and may be more willing to negotiate on sticking points such as salary and length of contract. 

Unlimited talent pool

If you’re willing to take on remote contractors, then your talent search is no longer limited by the contractors who live near enough or are willing to travel to your offices. This opens your search up to contractors anywhere in the world, and means you’re much more likely to find the right person to fill your role particularly when you’re looking for highly skilled, technical talent.

At ClearHub we work with a wide network of contractors located across the world, and our experience in placing highly skilled talent has shown that the right skill set and personality are often greater factors in a great contractor experience than physical location.

It also means more opportunities for contractors who are unable to travel, and the chance to work with companies that they are passionate about.

Team integration

In the past, hiring a remote contractor while the rest of your team worked from the office may have led to a lack of connection between colleagues, impacting how well your team collaborated.

After the past year, where so many workers have experienced remote working first hand and businesses have placed a great deal of emphasis on giving their employees the best tools to collaborate, this is likely to be less of an issue. 

Using video conferencing and instant messaging software that has already become integrated into their daily routines, it will be much easier for your teams to connect with a new contractor, and work with them to complete projects.  

Proven productivity

In the past, some companies may have been reluctant to embrace remote work if they were unsure how it would affect productivity levels in their teams. Hiring managers may have also avoided remote contractors as they may find it harder to verify their skills, or to trust that they would be able to provide the quality of work promised.

Not only has the past year shown us that people are able to adapt quickly to working from home, but it has also demonstrated that many people are able to be just as productive, if not more productive, in their home environments.

Additionally, if you choose to hire a contractor through ClearHub you can have the added peace of mind that your contractor has been professionally vetted, skills checked, and will have the support of our technical team to help them while working on your projects.

How can we help?

At ClearHub we specialise in placing Atlassian and Agile contractors with teams, and are able to provide support and security to you and your contractor throughout the placement.

As a team of software experts, we started ClearHub when we identified a need in the market for specialised, short term contract work and realised we were in the best position to help. 

Not only are we able to understand the challenges and dynamic of software teams to a far greater level than an average recruiter, but we can also technically test all our contractors before they are placed, giving our clients peace of mind when they hire through us.

We are even able to go one step further and offer technical support to the contractor throughout the placement. This means that if they face any unexpected challenges they’ll be able to turn to us for advice and support and avoid disrupting your team or delaying your projects.

The added testing, security and support we offer makes it easy to take on remote contractors, and leave you able to enjoy the benefits that this can bring without any added worries.

Do you think a remote contractor could fit into your team? If you’re looking to hire Atlassian or other agile contractors, we can help you find the right fit. Give us a call on  02381 157811 or use the form below to reach out and learn more about our services.

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