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Simon Wood

Hire an Atlassian freelancer who is guaranteed to be the right match for your team. Your Atlassian expert knows exactly what to do to fit in seamlessly. And with our pay-as-you go option and dedicated customer care, we’re 100% risk free too.

Who are we?

As the world’s largest network of Atlassian-skilled contractors, ClearHub are trusted by some of the leading industry organisations, such as FOX and UBS to provide the contractors they need. 

ClearHub are part of Clearvision, an Atlassian platinum partner with over 20 years experience in the software industry. 

Why ClearHub?

We’re the smartest way to hire Platinum-standard Atlassian contractors, because we understand exactly what you need.

With years of experience in the Atlassian market, you can be sure that whatever your problem is, we’ve seen it all before! And we probably already know the right freelancer to get your job done!

As well as technical skills, ClearHub considers your culture and matches the personality of each freelancer to your existing team.

So you can feel secure knowing that your new freelancer will be hand-picked for you. 

Clearvision Clients

Our network includes the top Atlassian contractors in the world...

Cam is Jira developer/ Jira jave developer, with 5 years experience. She also has experience working with automated testing tools such as Selenium, and other Atlassian products including Bitbucket and Confluence.
Cam Molen
Megan is an agile design contractor with core skills in combining digital strategy, UX and design. She focuses on bringing human centred design into organisations through their systems, and predominantly works on the Atlassian tool stack.
Megan A Hayes
Luke is a Jira product manager who oversees Jira development within organisations. He has a background in software engineering and is used to working with key stakeholders to identify problems and ares for improvement.
Luke Evett
Kevin is a certified Jira administrator responsible for the delivery and support of Atlassian technologies within an organisation. He is experienced in automating processes, integrating systems, and administering collaboration tools.
Kevin Lake
Mark is an Atlassian expert who has successfully completed many projects in roles as a developer and tester. He is proficient in a number of different agile development tools including Mingle and ScrumNinja and is experienced in TDD and BDD.
Mark Jenkins
Max is an Atlassian tools specialist with expertise in the migration, installation, operation and exploitation of ALM tools such as Jira, Confluence, Bamboo, Bitbucket and Jira service desk. He has over 10 years contracting experience.
Max Teyber

We only reveal top level profiles on our site.

For more information about our available contractors, reach out to us and we’ll use our sophisticated matching process to find the contractors who fit your requirements.

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ClearHub has a global network, so we can help you find the right contractors no matter where you are! 

Whether youre based in London, Australia, California, Germany or anywhere else, ClearHub has the Contractors you need!

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