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We’re made and managed by Atlassian experts, with 10+ years in Jira and Confluence. So you can rest assured that we understand the importance of great Jira configuration, set up and permissions (to name a few things!)

ClearHub’s Jira contractors are backed by Clearvision, the Platinum Atlassian Solutions Partner, meaning you get unprecedented support throughout your contract. This extends to the entire Atlassian stack.

Whether you’re a Jira developer, administrator or architect; if you’ve got the skills, we’ve got the vacancies!

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We know that one of your key considerations is transparency of fees and rates. That’s why we work tirelessly with our contractors and customers to make sure you’re all happy before work starts.

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Want to work with the biggest names in tech? Jira is used for a wide range of tasks in modern businesses. Not a fan of sitting still? We’ve got the right Jira role for you!

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Our expert team truly understand the Atlassian stack, especially Jira. So we’ll be there to support you throughout your contract – from technical support, to HR and more.

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Jira contractors love working for ClearHub...

I just loved the ease of contracting at ClearHub. They made sure that I met the software team before I started, to ensure that I'd be the perfect cultural fit, too.


The expert way in which ClearHub understands the Atlassian ecosystem made them so much better to work with than other contracting sites. Their insight into what a Jira Admin needs is astonishing!


ClearHub know exactly what they are doing in the market and the requirements to source the right people. I was dealt with in a very professional manner from initial consultation to interview.