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Senior Cryptography Specialist | Senior Software Developer

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Moscow | Russia

About Peter

Peter is a senior cryptography specialist and software developer, with project management and blockchain experience.

Besides his extensive experience, Peter has won several awards in scientific and professional areas.

As a blockchain enthusiast, Peter has participated in several cryptocurrency  startups.


2018 - Present


Antminer Firmware Modification

What? Injection of hardware control tools to cryptocurrency mining device firmware.

Brief: Peter was solely responsible for delivering hardware setup and custom utilities using C programming – including the modification of manufacturer’s firmware and a web interface addition.

Skills Used: C, OpenEmbedded, BitBake, HTML, Javascript, Linux shell

2017 - 2018

Wall It

Smart Contracts Implementation

What? Implementation of custom cryptocurrencies, crowdsales and other smart contracts based on Ethereum platform.

Brief: As the Senior Cryptography Specialist, Peter created a secure currency, including a custom feature implementation with Solidity development language. In addition, he was responsible for testing and deploying the code.

Skills used: Ethereum, Solidity, Java, Python, Blockchain.

2003 - 2004

Cloudmine Inc

Cloudmine Integration Platform

What? Create a micro-serviced back end for Cloudmine.

Brief: Lead the team and develop a system for establishing lossless data flow between multiple data providers, the client platform and third-party applications.

Skills used: Jersey, Spring Boot, DynamoDB, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Gradle, Docker.

Key Skills

Android 98%
C# 86%
ADT 95%
Windows 79%
OpenCV 80%
JUnit 77%
OpenBR 74%

Technical Skills

  • Java, C#, C/C++
  • Blockchain technologies, Solidity
  • Spring, JAX-RS
  • MongoDB, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, SQlite
  • Android and cross-platform app development
  • OpenCV, OpenBR
  • SourceTree, TortoiseSVN, Git (Git-Flow)
  • Gradle, Maven, Docker
  • Eclipse, Intellij IDEA, NetBeans, MVS, Mono, Android Studio


2013 - 2016

PhD studies in Software Systems

National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, Moscow, Russia

2013 - 2016

Pedagogical Practice: Reader of Artificial intelligence

Robotics modelling and C++ –

2008 - 2013

Master studies in Computer Science

National Research Nuclear University, MEPhI, Moscow, Russia





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