Senior DevOps Engineer

An experienced DevOps engineer, Maya specializes in automation, CI/CD, and cloud infrastructures, streamlining operations across teams.

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About Maya

Maya Patel is a Senior DevOps Engineer with over 8 years of experience specializing in automation, CI/CD, and cloud infrastructures. Her expertise lies in streamlining operations and enhancing collaboration between development and operations teams.


Cloud Infrastructure Overhaul
2019 - Present

Redesigned the cloud infrastructure for enhanced scalability and security.

Automated deployment processes, reducing deployment time by 40%.

CI/CD Pipeline Integration
2016 - 2019

Developed and maintained CI/CD pipelines for multiple projects using Jenkins and GitLab CI.

Implemented automated testing, improving code quality and deployment efficiency.

Containerization Project
2013 - 2016

Led the initiative to containerize applications using Docker, improving portability and consistency across environments.

Key Skills

Cloud Platforms: AWS, GCP, Azure 95%
Docker 92%
Jenkins 88%
Terraform 80%
Ansible 78%

Technical Skills

  • Cloud Platforms: AWS, GCP, Azure
  • IaC: Terraform, CloudFormation
  • Automation Tools: Ansible, Chef, Puppet
  • CI/CD Tools: Jenkins, GitLab CI, Travis CI
  • Scripting: Python, Bash
  • Containerization: Docker, Kubernetes

Education and Certificates

MSc in Computer Science – University of California, Berkeley – 2011

BSc in Information Technology – University of Texas, Austin – 2007