Simon Wood

Chief Innovation Officer / Motivational Speaker

Simon is a passionate and goal-driven Chief Innovation Officer (CInO) with a background in marketing, product management and business leadership. Simon thrives in fast-moving and dynamic environments and is a champion of the principles of agile, lean startup and BizOps. With a proven track record in start-up and scale-up endeavours, Simon consistently delivers rapid and sustained business growth. Most recently Simon has helped launch and grow ClearHub. The world’s only Atlassian and DevOps contractor network.

 Simon is a visionary leader who quickly grasps the bigger picture. He is a natural business growth accelerator, operating as an intrapreneur who enjoys leading from the front. He has strong management and communication skills and excels at matching individual team members to overall business objectives. Simon’s mission is to help teams achieve high performance through the use of technology, teamwork and their talent management strategy.  

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Simon's Expert Speaker Topics

Technology in Teamwork
How can the tools you use make your team more effective?
Resourcing in the Digital Age
Talent acquisition is changing. How can you master the brave new world?
Technology, Talent and Tactics
The 3 T's of High Performing Teams
Digital Disruption
Evolve or die, change is coming

Previous Events

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  • Reading Business Expo 2019 - The 3 T's of High Performance
  • Performance at Scale 2018 - Team Psychology for High Performance
  • Festive Fun 2017 - Change is Coming
  • Barcelona Summit 2017 Partner Day - Marketing for Partners
  • BBQ in the Cloud 2017 - Digital Disruption
  • The Future of Team Collaboration 2016 - Personailty Profiles in Modern Communication
  • London Lean Kanban Day 2015 - Using Agile in non technical teams
Simon was able to bring a clarity of purpose to the work of my team whilst maintaining focus on the end goal. He brings an agile approach to innovation and works to deliver customer value.
Kevin Garrett
Kevin Garett
I recently worked with Simon on some new product initiatives and was thoroughly impressed by his attitude and team approach. He took time to listen to new ideas, fully understand them and then made clear decisions on the right path forward.
Julie Holmes
Sales & Service Strategist

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Chief Innovation Officer Simon Wood, discusses how the rise of the gig economy will affect the Atlassian ecosystem.

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