How Cloud is future proofing teams

How Cloud is future proofing teams

Cloud adoption is higher than ever.

94% of enterprises already use Cloud solutions in some capacity. Covid-19 accelerated adoption to rates nobody could have imagined, but those who’ve adopted it only recently are in no hurry to go back. That’s because the future is unequivocally in the Cloud.

It’s not just working remotely in the Cloud anymore. It’s everything. Teams are future proof, more resilient and better connected than ever before – even when working in the office – thanks to the Cloud.

Let’s explain further.

Cloud is collaborative

Cloud applications – like Confluence Cloud, Jira Cloud and other Atlassian Cloud tools – are inherently collaborative. They were built to share knowledge and progress between multiple users, from the bottom up. Collaboration isn’t an afterthought with cloud, like it is on locally-stored solutions; version tracking and commenting can get really, really messy in some pieces of software (we all know who the main offenders are).

But that all disappears with Cloud. Everyone can see what’s going on in a project, what the latest version is and gets updated when it matters. It’s collaboration done exactly right, and that’s what the teams of the future will need.

Cloud is bleeding edge

You upgrade your phone every couple of years, right? So why not your work software?

Well, Cloud apps do this all the time – in fact, they’re continuously, relentlessly being improved and updated, right under your nose. You always have the latest version whenever you log in, without having to install or restart, or download anything.

And as for hardware? That’s not a central resource anymore. No more major investments in storage, maintenance, power and cooling – it’s all handled by a specialist Cloud provider. You don’t have to have the latest piece of tech in-house anymore; last-gen tech can comfortably run your Cloud apps, and it’ll keep going until the next tech revolution.

Regardless of your IT infrastructure level, Cloud will just work; now, and in the future.

Cloud is affordable

Because you don’t own any hardware and subscribe to a service for your apps, your financial risks are lower.

Yes, you have less collateral – but consider this: a functional data centre, even one for a small business, can cost millions over its lifetime, only to become obsolete and worthless in the end. That’s hardly an investment.

You constantly have to maintain it. You have to power it, cool it, and hire an endless stream of IT professionals to take care of it. It’s like having a 200 terawatt-hour baby.

At the rate at which technology moves, obsolescence is becoming more regular. Because of this, Cloud solutions are relatively cheap, and moving to the latest platform is far less risky. Cloud adopters benefit from limitless scaling as well as upgradability, plus the option to host legacy apps in virtual machines.

There’s no way to lose.

Cloud is resilient

The tech that runs the Cloud is tough. In fact, Private Cloud and purpose-built data centres are built with double redundant mains power, uninterrupted power supplies and off-grid generators running on 24 hour refuelling contracts. They have multiple backup connections via cable, satellite and mobile data – and are cooled and maintained around the clock. Security on-site ensures no unauthorised entry, and dedicated maintenance teams keep everything running at all hours, with total user support. Add hourly backups to the mix, and you’ve got a solution that’s bulletproof.

No internal server room couldn’t possibly match the resilience of a Cloud solution.

Cloud is simple

Non-technical people all know their way around Cloud apps, because they’re simple and intuitive. But more than that, Cloud frees your technical teams to focus on high-value projects.

Cloud apps are self-regulating and self-maintaining, which means no more IT tickets to your internal team for simple changes. Reducing backlogs in IT is only half the story, though – your business and non-technical teams no longer have to wait to get on with their work.

We haven’t even touched on one of the biggest productivity boosters yet – the one feature of the future that’ll make all the difference: automation.

Your business teams can automate simple, routine tasks and give themselves more time to work on what’s important. And, with automated security updates and scaling, your IT teams won’t have to worry about installing new racks or patching. It’s all done automatically.

Isn’t it time you reached for the Cloud? We can help you migrate your systems, with an expert in your own team – to future proof your whole business.

Get into the Cloud – with an expert in your team

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